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November Calm

We can’t believe that this is the end of our third season, this year seems to have flown by even quicker than last. It’s been another great one, with our Small Starfish being one of our most popular items, where we designed a smaller version of our original Starfish to be worn as earrings as well as a pendant.

Our Natural Shell Collection has also proved to be a continued success. There’s something special about being beside the sea. Wearing a silver shell made from one found on our local beach perhaps gives that feeling at home too. We continually comb our beach and have picked up some beautiful new shells which will make an appearance in our range next year. 

The crowds have gone so we are back to creating, the tools and imagination are busy. This month we would like to introduce our Sleeping Cat pendant, this little thing has got the right idea, a curled up smooth design, so tactile you’ll be playing with it all day. 

A Christmas present for Cat lovers ?


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October News



Our Polperro Piskie has proved to be a great success, and the Facebook competition to name it certainly invited a few amusing and topical names from Poldark characters to Politicians but we chose Pyra after Porth Pyra the Cornish name for Polperro. 

Our latest design which is selling as quickly as we make them is our Feather Bracelet. The Bracelet is made up of seven or eight Feather models carefully linked to the next giving a lovely flow. These are available on our website and in the shop in various lengths in both Silver and 9 carat Yellow and Rose Gold. 

This is a timeless elegant piece. Should you wish a magnetic clasp for ease of fitting we will happily add this along with a safety chain. 

It’s twelve weeks until Christmas so time to start thinking about dropping those hints !


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Pesky Piskies

Our Silver Seas Jewellery Piskie is no longer a mythical creature of folklore, he has arrived! After a number of months of design we are finally happy with the finished version. Was it the mischievousness of the creature that attributed to the longer than usual design phase?  Perhaps he wasn’t happy with the flop of his hat or the point in his ears or maybe he was just up to no good.

We have designed two sizes, the Small Piskie is available in Silver or 9 carat Yellow Gold and the Large Piskie in Silver.

And for those of you who are wondering why it is Piskie not Pixie in Cornwall, we like to be different.

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Tunes in June

The Polperro Music and Arts Festival is this month. With a focus on a Family Event the Festival Committee have been working hard to deliver a week of entertainment for everyone. If you are visiting Polperro during this week you can purchase a Festival Brochure to see exactly whats on offer. The proceeds of the brochure go back to the Festival fund for future investment.

We have an advert in the brochure this year in which we are offering 10% Discount on all purchases from our shop on production of the advert. If sadly you can’t make it to Polperro during the Festival Week which runs from Saturday 15th June to Sunday 23rd June we will still give you 10% off your purchase when you phone the shop during that week and say “Its Festival Week !” .

On a tasty note, our Cornish Pasty Bead arrived in our counter a couple of weeks ago, three traditional Pasty shapes linked together to form a rounded bead which slides onto your bead bracelet. You can’t visit Cornwall without eating a Pasty … can you have a charm bracelet without one of our Silver Beads ?

Finally, if you are making a special trip to Polperro to see us this month please check in advance by calling the shop to see if we are open. Matthew and Ingrid are having some time off and leaving Karen to keep our beautiful shop running.

Remember we are Open 24 hours a day on-line !

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May Flowers and Celebrations

We have been open for two years this month. What a journey it has been, after five months of building, painting and decorating we opened in May 2017. Since opening we have been designing and making lovely new models, set up the Website and met you our lovely Customers.

This month we thought we could celebrate nature and showcase our Lotus Flower, Bumble Bee and Ladybird. There seemed to be lots of Ladybirds around the window frames of our home, were they sheltering from the cold winds or trying to escape our cosy cottage? Our own Ladybird is available as a Pendant, Earrings or on a super little Ring which is shaped to look like a twig.

There are a group of volunteers who look after some Bees in the village, producing honey which is sold locally. Our Bumble Bee doesn’t provide honey but its certainly a great model and symbolises the community we live in. Our Bees come in Silver or 9 ct Gold, the local honey comes in a jar from the shop next door. The Lotus Flower is currently the only flower in our range but we would like to make a Poppy. Flowers carry so much meaning behind them, whatever your reason for your choice of jewellery we feel sure you’ll love wearing ours.

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April Antics

April is upon us and the Easter holidays mark the beginning of a new season in the village. We have been one of a few businesses that have stayed open over the Winter months, others are now putting the finishing touches to their displays having had a well deserved rest.

This months recognition goes to Jade and Matthew for different reasons.

The Polperro Community is really important to us and one of the things Silver Seas Jewellery donated to was the Festival Auction. Matthew agreed to offer a day in the workshop helping a lucky winning bidder make a piece of jewellery. It is through the hard work of the various committees and their fundraising that things like the Music and Arts Festival and the Water Carnival actually happen. The look on Matthews face when two ladies were bidding for him was highly amusing but the piece of jewellery that was made by the winner was priceless.

The lovely Jade has completed our beautiful Mermaid. Jade unlike Matthew sculpts her designs on 3D computer programs, this modern process allows tiny details to be added to the design. Our Mermaid has taken a carefree pose on a swing made to look like coral, her characteristic tail creates balance to the pendant as well as giving her a lovely flow.

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February Favourites and Fabulous Offers

We find ourselves coming out of hibernation and stretching our limbs towards the 2019 Season. The village is starting to shake off the Winter and look forward to Spring. There is a lovely feeling of fresh anticipation, shops that have been closed are open for Half Term, holiday cottages are getting a lick of paint and window boxes are bright with Daffodils and Crocuses.

As for the team at Silver Seas Jewellery, we’ve been busy catching up with the many repairs and commissions that have found their way to us as well as thinking about new models to add to our collection. We have nearly finished making a new Cornish Pasty Bead to fit on all of the well known brands of Bracelets and our cheeky little Pisky ( Cornish Pixie) is looking marvellous in the design stage.

Our Fabulous Offer this month is all about Hearts. We think Hearts are not just for Valentines but for all of the time. If you’d like 10% off any Heart purchase in Silver or Gold just phone or pop into the shop and say “I love Cornwall”.

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Happy New Year !

A New Year brings with it the expectations of resolutions made, kept or broken. I wonder how we will do ? We must keep Facebook up to date, must send out Newsletters …….hmm, the only must will be to continue to love what we do, make more beautiful models and perhaps get better at recognising everyone.

Just slipping in at the end of the year was our new little Penguin. David Attenborough is bound to be a fan, this little fellow looks like one of the baby Emperor Penguins from his series. He is perfect as a small pendant, earrings or as a charm. Whichever you choose you’ll love giving him a new home.

I have also made an Anchor Link, this is in the traditional shape of the old style anchor chains. Designing a link for a bracelet has been in the pipeline since last year, but prompted by a request for Christmas I managed to set aside the time and it has turned out to be beautiful and is very comfortable to wear. Each link is hand finished and then soldered to its neighbour with a handmade oval silver ring. These are made to order in Silver, Yellow or Rose Gold or a combination of colours for added interest.

January is the time that the village takes a rest, but we will be staying open throughout the year. You will see one of us in the workshop creating more stock for our third Season which will be upon us in no time, but for now I’ll take the opportunity to thank you for your custom throughout the year and wish you all the best for 2019.

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Jingle Bells

It’s December, the Christmas Lights in Polperro have been turned on and the village is starting to have that festive feeling. The holiday cottages are decorated for the new visitors and there’s that homely smell of wood burners heating our historic village.

Our Christmas orders are coming in from our lovely Summer customers. Husbands, Boyfriends, Aunts, Mums and Daughters to name but a few listened when you said those words “I love that” …… they saw your smile and they knew what to do. Perhaps a little reminder that our last posting day will be Thursday 20th December may help those who need a little nudge.

The longer darker days mean that Karen and myself are spending more time finishing designs that were started in what seems an age ago. Our Starfish Earrings will be here soon, they are a smaller model of the Pendant and the Ring, wear them on their own or as a set.

Finally, a special mention to Karen whose been with us a year now. Thank you for all of your hard work, we really appreciate it.

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Brrr … its chilly out there !

The weather has turned again and we’ve had freezing cold days and amazing windy ones. Our inspiration comes from the many beautiful things around us, our imagination and from you.

We are currently working on our Snowflake which is a beautiful 3D design. Each snowflake that is formed is unique, so designing one for our range made us really look at its form and also made us think we may do more than one.

Continuing with nature we are also working on a Pine Cone. The Pine Cone will be a similar size to our Acorn and will look lovely on an Autumnal charm bracelet or as a trio on a chain with the Oak Leaf.

Goodness we have been busy, the Feather which was launched in the Summer immediately lent itself to be cast as a ring, but this has proved trickier than we thought as we have designed it so that three Feathers flow one after another to form the band. We are also making some smaller feathers for drop earrings.

Finally for this month we have made a cheeky little Penguin, Happy Feet eat your heart out – the Polperro Penguin is coming !

Do look out for these models, they will soon make an appearance in our shop in Polperro and here on the Website under Latest.